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Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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   Unmatched Head Studs                              

    (Texas# 940-395-9839)

11430 Hames Road

Pilot Point, Texas 76258

Welcome to Texas!








The industry's Leading Northstar Experts!

Before you get started, allow me to welcome you to our family's private business website.

This website is quite extensive and has mass information for the Cadillac enthusiast.

Take note of the menu on the left; it represents many different services and offers a lot of information!

First and foremost, CCC is a full auto restoration company; second in line, is our street rod building;

then our 100% American made product lines. Last but not least we are your Cadillac Northstar specialty company.


Take your time, enjoy the site, and if you have any questions, well, we are always here to answer your questions.

                                                                                                                                        Click here, Contact Us


For the cost of fuel and toll roads, we will pick up of your Cadillac for any major repair, anywhere in the DFW MetroPlex area.  All other locations subject to fees. 

Our shipping services pick up anywhere world wide!  




CCC is Carroll Enterprises, all our companies are subsidiaries of our Corporation.

we are a specialty company, specializing in all makes and all years of Cadillacs.






CCC versus Northstar Performance?

There is no comparison!

Click here!



Our Manufacturing Plant



American products. All American made!

100% American!


Cadillac High Performance Northstar Head Studs.

Engineered and designed exclusively by

Carroll Cadillac.

Order online right here!





They Install below the deck surface for ultimate deck clamping force, eliminating cylinder distortion and block cracking!

Replacement dowels included.

There are those who wish to sub standardize our product, when it is evident they are of the absolute highest quality precision machined. The material we use is an extreme overkill, but we only produce the absolute best product you can buy! 

Due to properly engineering, our Studs are to be installed below the deck surface. Our Studs are universal and they fit all makes and models of Northstars.


We highly recommend, before deciding on what Head Stud product to purchase, that users please research the proper Head Stud application. In no case should a Head Stud ever be equal to or above the surface of the block deck; it should be far enough below the surface to avoid block cracking and or cylinder distortion, maximizing the deck surface space for the ultimate clamping force.


With the knock off Studs found on the market, you can see what is called an alignment based Stud. The reason for the use of this Stud, over the use of replacement dowels, is due to it being equal and above the block surface, minimizing the clamping force to nearly zero in deck surface space required to prevent catastrophic engine damage. There have been many failures to date due to the use of these poorly designed knock off Studs with no legal recourse nor refund of purchase price. We believe this is due to foreign status.


Our Studs are an American made product with 100% lifetime warranty!

With full recourse availability and legal guarantees, giving our clients the comfort of knowing their purchase is secure.


Our product is engineered and designed for racing, to fit your street Cadillac. Our Head Studs are the highest quality aviation material, designed for the ultimate permanent repair, and we give full tech support before and during your repair anytime needed. Just call: 940-395-9839 or email at:



 Click here for more info: Block Studding

Northstar Head Studs

  Always in stock!

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair and Cadillac Head Studs. Studs are now in stock and being shipped daily! Please call to order.


We have passed our 200,000 stud count to date; now installed in thousands

of Cadillacs world wide. In celebration of making it more affordable then ever,

our Studs are now

ONLY 315.00 per set plus tax


Click here for overnight shipment!



For tax exempt shops you must email me a copy of your tax exemption.

Click here "ONLY" if you have filed a permit for resale!

Resale buyers only!


For out of country sales, please send an email request? Or call!



30 days return policy; call for instructions and stipulations.



For sales outside the USA use the buttons below representing your country, if your country is not on the list, please send an email  with your address so we can arrange a button for you. 

 We except  all cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover etc.

Feel free to use our PayPal Services.

Next day shipping!!!!!!!!






In the event you are in need of any single stud components, use this order form through PayPal! Just add the component needed to your cart and continue shopping. Once you have compiled what you need, add the quantity in your shopping cart and update before you check out!

Guaranteed next day shipping!

 Click here for comparison information: CCC versus Sure Grip Studs

                                                                       Questions and Answers about our Studs?


Q: When ordering your Studs, are there different sets for different years?

A: No, they are Universal Studs that fit all years of the Northstar!



Q: How is it possible for your Studs to fit all Northstars when your competitor company has different kits for different years?

A: Head Studs are meant to go below the surface of the block deck to maximize deck surface used in the clamping force. This is why GM used dowels for alignment and set the original bolt threading deep within the block. The purpose for this was to prevent engine damage, block cracking and cylinder distortion; and of course the deeper the Stud, the more clamping deck space is achieved. This allows for proper Head Stud application and the use of replacement alignment dowels as originally engineered. Any Studs that do not meet these simple rules of physics should "NOT" be used.



Q: Are your Stud-sets the same as the other studs on the market?

A: No, they are a completely different product and not to be compared. Our utilitarian Head Studs are made of a much stronger 4140 annealed steel, and they are cut, not rolled. Our Studs are individually heated treated vertical to assure a true strength of treatment. Likewise, our nuts and washers are a  very different product. Our nuts are locking flange nuts, and they are heat treated to an astounding 18,000PSI. Our washers are cut for the perfect fit and are made of grade 9 hardened steel. We also sell a replacement utilitarian barrel pin-design dowel set with each set of Studs at no extra cost!


Q: Do you supply a jig to install your Studs?

A: No, we do not sell a Stud installation kit; we sell a complete Stud set. The proper installation of our high performance studs does not require a jig or any special, unnecessary equipment that can cost you hundreds of extra dollars. Please watch our unedited Tutorial Videos showing how to properly install.


Q: What tools are required for your Stud installation?

A: You will need a heavy duty 1/2 drill (preferably with a handle); a 1/2" drill bit  followed by a 17/32" bit; one 5/8" 11 Tapered tap and a 5/8" 11 plug tap. These are the only tools required to properly and quickly install your studs. Our tutorial videos show the simplicity of this operation.


Rebuilt Northstar Engines

Built with our signature studs.

New special price!

$3,650. + 350. Freight anywhere in the states

NO CORE CHARGE!!! Click Here for more information.

Or buy now!


                                                                                       CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW,  VOLO PERFORMANCE CHIP




We are currently building a DTS                                                                        

Street Rod via this link: Steve's 2001 DTS                                                                 

Why did we move to Texas?  

We are from the south and we simply moved home! 

                                                                                                                                                                                Follow us on Facebook!        



BODY SHOP! Special announcement.

I am happy to announce we are preparing to break ground on our brand new custom body shop!!! Yep, nothing sweeter to a custom auto painter than to get a brand new body shop of his own! We have some awesome projects in the works!


Need answers? Click here: Northstar Truths and Myths



Established exclusively for the Cadillac in 1994

We are the leading Cadillac service and repair shop in the U.S. Our services include: permanent head gasket repair, remanufactured engines shipped or installed on site, header fabrication and installation, and several options for high performance upgrades. We specialize in Cadillac Street Rods, Rails, and Drag Racing engines.                      

Currently we produce the only properly designed Cadillac head studs in the world. Our studs are manufactured to be installed at the proper depth based on the original engineering design by GM. Please click here for more information. We service the globe and no distance is too far.



Tim's Personal Private Custom






Make no mistake!

I am not affiliated with general motors, I offer what they refused to do for their customers.

Help, support, new improved Products.



We answer to no other authority.

What we do in my shops is between me and the awesome

clients that I welcome into my life as friends, giving to them what GM could not or would not!

Enjoying the love we have for the Classic cars ours parents built.


It is certainly a beautiful thing!

So, you ask where are we located?

Right where we want to be!


New startling undisclosed evidence of Asbestos use in Vintage, Classic General Motors Cars.

We are exposing the use of this deadly material used in multiple applications in various automobiles, including the forever loved Cadillac, to help protect those who restore such cars.

We are the solution, not the problem! Asbestos in Cadillacs




                                 Friends from around the Globe!

                                           Meet Glenn O'Donnell from Queensland Australia.


Click here to visit with the friends of Carroll Cadillac from around the world!


Call 940-395-9839 


Professional Black Glass Painting by Tim Carroll  




Let me introduce myself, I'm Tim, the owner of CCC, and the founder of CCN. Well, you have searched hard , but the good news is, you finally found us.
I would like to start by saying we all have something in common: the love for an awesome American automobile--the Cadillac. I am sure there are many reasons why you all have found my website and there are many questions that need to be answered. I will do my best to satisfy your intrigue.
Each class, each year, and each model of Cadillac draws a certain kind of person to its style. Personally, I see and feel these different styles and relate to each of them equally, so when you share your Caddy experience with me, rest assured that I understand your insight into your Cadillac. Here are just a few, whether it be a Deville, Seville, Eldorado, Escalade EXT ESV, CTS, CTS V, XLR, SRX, Lasalle's, Classic, Vintage, or modern--they all have their unique styles.
Did you know, there are so many models of Cadillac's I would not be able to fit them all on this page? One model carried many series.
There is a group of guys dedicated to each one, so the next time you feel partial to the one you own and indifferent to the one someone else owns, think about the Cadillac and remember: yours is just one style of a large group of many beautiful cars. To be a Cadillac enthusiast is to love all styles of Cadillacs.

I enjoy all your cars, and I love hearing your personal Cadillac experiences, so please feel free to share with us via our contact page.
We love posting your stories, so share and yours could be next



CCC's A/C Refilling policy can be found on the Repair Cost Page


Bill's 1998 STS High Performance Build

by CCC.


View it here: Bill 98 STS


                                                      One of Tim's beautiful SLS's with a Vin "9" cam set up! This Caddy is fully loaded far more then the STS

Can't drive your Cadillac to us? No worries, we will pick it up with one of our Cowboy Cadillac's!

We will come and get it!

4 Wheels off the ground.

For the cost of fuel and toll roads, we will pick up anywhere in the DFW MetroPlex, at no extra charge for time or labor!



Cadillac Mechanics
Welcome to C. C. C. and the home of
Cadillac Clubs Northwest
Hello, and  welcome to our website. You are about to embark on a website unlike any site you have ever encountered before. As you already know, we are a Cadillac "only" Mechanic Company. We have taken auto mechanics to another step--one where the owner will be involved in every step and procedure done by the mechanic. No longer will you be told to stay behind the yellow line.
This site is designed to allow the owner to see updates each day their Cadillac is under the knife and
visually see what is being done to their vehicles as repairs progress. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about anything concerning your vehicle. Please refer to the Watch your Repair page to see how this works.
It's 2012. Yet with all the technology, still the owner can only go by what the mechanic says. Not anymore! Here at Carroll Custom Cadillac, times have changed, and now you can be as much involved as we are. Throughout this site, C. C. C. will be used to refer to Carroll Custom Cadillac.

Paintless dent repair. Check it out. Only the best offered by Carroll Custom Cadillac's close friend and business associate
Jon Fulk, custom repair tech, owner of "Pain-Less Dent Repair"
On our site you can find all the information you need in making your mechanical decisions.
If you need more, just write us on our Contact Us page, and get your answer within 24hrs--
 although as soon as your question is seen, it is answered and can happen withinn 30min..

Welcome to our website, where you will find information and answers to your questions.
Cadillac Specialist! "Master Cadillac Mechanics"!

The Northstar:

a masterpiece of engineering.



We are a member of the

Cadillac Lasalle Club


We are a private, personal-based company catering to Cadillac clubs and enthusiasts.
We thrive on the satisfaction of our customers. We believe in a personal, one on one interaction with owners, allowing for a personal involvement in the repair of their pride and joy.

We care for your Cadillac
like our own.
We eat, sleep, and breathe the Northstar!
We are the Northstar experts: best prices, best warranties.
Go Dave, Go!



No longer will you be kept in the dark, no longer will the mechanic say,"stay behind the yellow line". It's your Cadillac, so

come on in and see what we are doing. We do it all here, so feel free to ask your questions.


Complete engine overhauls!

Custom Header build. This is Mike building headers for the LH2

SRX. Talk about added power!

Block Studding!



This site is designed for the Cadillac enthusiast who is tired of unreasonable prices, and who wants to learn more about their Caddy and perform more self maintenance.

We are a privately owned company and not affiliated with General Motors or any dealership. All trademarks on owned by their respective companies.

The innocent men and women who built Cadillacs
Carroll Cadillac
Phone, 940-395-9839

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Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Kanas, Kanas City, LA, AR,   
Northstar Mechanics, Cadillac repair, Cadillac experts,    


I am a small business owner, I too was forced to give my Tax money to these dishonest people and together we lost over

10 Billion dollars!

The nerve this company has had for so long, they give their patrons that shaft as soon as you walk through their doors and they laugh at you as you drive away in a car that just might cost you your life?


Over 10 Billion dollars of our hard earned tax dollars, I call that straight theft! Jake Wiebe says they deserve our respect?

I would not doubt it, he too has taken from countless Americans.

We are American and we believe in the first Amendment!

Speaking freely to share our opinions.

Our country, our money, our lives!


Disclaimer for General Motors.

Carroll Cadillac is an independent company and not affiliated with the manufacturer.

I would like to clarify the importance of knowing the difference?



They are the manufacturer of the famous Northstar failure.

I am going to tell you this because I believe GM is a Giant and will crush anyone in their path.

What I write here in this disclaimer is based on our theories and beliefs including our personal experiences.

I will tell you why this is our theory? One of my partners in this private business of mine is

an ex GM? And his witness of failure calculation payout in the engineering department is our

bases for our theory, so we believe they designed the engine to fail within a 100k mile range.

The secrete knowledge we believe this company kept was just that and --we believe-- they took advantage

of millions upon millions of innocent people just like you.

What we know? Well, is something I must keep to myself, due to legalities.


Carroll Cadillac is a separate company who has intervened

in the repairing of the Northstar with a solid permanent solution

to their failure. In the "New World Standard" these Cadillacs meant

something to American people and it is sad that an American Automobile

Manufacture such as this company could in our belief, do this to the American people.


The one question I receive the most is:

Why would they not recall this disaster?


There can be only one answer:

Our belief is due to the revenue, because the money is what mattered, not the buyer!


We are here to help, not take advantage, so with confidence I

can say with pride, we are in no way affiliated with General Motors.


Remember, this is the same company that took your Tax dollars to remain RICH!

While turning a snub nose to anyone seeking recourse.


We are not the problem, we are your solution!


Sincerely, the CCC Team


We believe in the first Amendment!

We do not believe in entitlements!

They seem to forget how they used our bail out Tax money to get rich and then build a car to purposely fail, Go Figure?


My cousin Sarah died in a car with a faulty ignition switch that General Motors should have recalled. I'm calling on the Department of Justice to prosecute the people at GM responsible for Sarah's death.


Timothy -

You may have seen in the news that General Motors is being investigated for a massive cover-up of a serious flaw in some of its cars: The ignition switches sometimes turn off while driving, shutting down the cars' power steering, brakes, and airbags. I believe this flaw and this cover-up is why my cousin Sarah is dead. Now I am fighting to get her justice. 

My cousin Sarah was one of the sweetest, most caring people I knew. She was a freshman in college, and her dream was to be a pediatric cardiologist. But one morning in 2009, as Sarah was driving home to see her new puppy, her car veered off the road and hit a tree. We thought she might have fallen asleep behind the wheel, but then we learned her car should have been recalled and may have shut off while she was driving. Her airbag never deployed. She didn't have a chance.

Congress and the Department of Justice are investigating GM's massive cover-up, which caused the deaths of at least 13 people. Cases like this often result in monetary settlements, but I think it's ridiculous that the people responsible for so many deaths could come away with no consequences whatsoever.

I started a petition on calling on the Department of Justice to file criminal charges against the people at GM who instigated and approved the cover-up that likely caused my cousin's death. Please click here to sign my petition.

According to the investigations happening now, GM first became aware of the problem with their ignition switches in 2001. The first reported death occurred in 2005, which prompted a Congressional investigation, but still, cars like Sarah's remained on the road. We recently found out that Sarah's car was one of 2.6 million that should have been recalled.

The faulty part in the GM cars cost only 57 cents to replace. Instead of spending a measly 57 cents, GM was willing to let my cousin Sarah and at least 13 other people die.

GM is far from the only company to have done something like this -- in fact, the government just completed a similar yearlong investigation of Toyota. But these investigations almost never lead to criminal charges, which is why corporations keep behaving this way. This time, for Sarah and the other victims, things will be different. This time, the people who caused their deaths will have to answer for what they did.

Please sign my petition calling on the Department of Justice to prosecute the people at GM responsible for the recall related deaths.

Thank you for supporting my family through this impossible time. 

Karlie Brighton Yarbrough
Jacksonville, Florida