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'Carroll Custom Cadillac'

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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We strongly believe in the first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,

protecting our free speech!

Although we have recently been attacked viciously by a disgruntle client who uses complete untruth to discredit us, he is using free speech, but it does not mean we will sit quietly and allow it without proof it is absolutely untrue.

I am a forgiving man, and if this disgruntle individual stopped his slander and apologized for his wrong doing, he too would discover how easy it can be to be forgiven. 



"Answers and questions" due to a recent untruth by Edward W Hooper JR

The life and times of the Carroll family & your friends at CCC.

Through all the years we have been serving the public, our location has always been established on our private property, whether we were leasing or as this property which is now owned.

Due to the overwhelming responses to our website, we have kept our location private and secure, giving our location only to our clients and to anyone who wished to make an appointment to come and see us!


Due to untruth being told by Edward W Hooper JR. about why we have a private location, and why we moved, we are forced to explain it again, so please bear with us as we persevere these false accusations.

Although we wish to make our location fully public, we ask that you respect the privacy of our home and family by calling ahead to make an appointment, this way you will not encounter a locked gate! And also have someone waiting to meet with you and then enjoy the tour

Our private location is fully fenced and secured by security cameras, giving you the confidence that while your car is here it is completely safe.


Our location is right outside the city limits, keeping us close enough for business relations, but far enough away to enjoy the country life style.

Country living has always been the way of life for the Carroll family, and we would never have it any other way. There is many Texas residents around our location and throughout the state of Texas who likewise enjoy the comfort and freedom of having their business located on their private property, it is a 'Texas thing'. So for those who claim we live out dirt roads in the middle of nowhere "is not only lying to the public", but have never been to a CCC shop, go figure? The proof this is an untrue statement, just come and visit us located in the Peninsula of our Lake Lavon.


Our relocation to Texas;

It has been speculated about reasons we relocated to the Great State of TEXAS! And for the reason written by Edward W Hooper JR.

I find the need to once again explain why we moved south and relocated our business to Texas.


What I am about to explain AGAIN, has never been a secret, we live in complete transparency for many reasons, first and foremost because of our Faith and honesty!

There has been two books written about the owner of your CCC, by two awesome men who helped me overcome the grief of my youngest son's death, of whom I am more grateful then I can ever express.

After an extreme struggle with this loss, I struggled for many more years moving to a few different locations, trying to escape the pain to no avail. we finally ended up back in Vancouver Washington, where this great loss occurred. After finding the help to face the demons that haunted me, I had to face them in Vancouver where I was finally "by the grace of God" able to overcome them and learn to live with the pain that cause so much downfall.

I spent the last several years using my experience to speak to thousands of people in many settings, therapy groups, colleges, churches etc... along with the two men who stood by me and who helped me regain control of my life.


During this recovery and being a survivor of suicide, I was able to re establish relationships with my family and thus began my awesome company of CCC, I dedicated my business to God and I have worked hard to continue down this path he set before me.

I should not have to explain this over and over, but maybe it is because God wants me to always remember the salvation he gave back to me and never to forget?

So I am fine with this no matter how I am face with difficulty.


My decision to leave Washington was for personal sentimental reasons and I knew it was time when I was driving thru town trying to hold on to the memories that I had with my Son in Vancouver. I had finally come to grips with the reality he was gone and needed to move on and make a better life for his mother (My Wife).

To my surprise she too had the desire to leave Vancouver behind and live again, so after we carefully considered it, we both agreed it was time to leave the past behind and find a place we would be happy and settle down by buying a home back in the deep south.

Certain people (Via Topix Forum) put forth that I left Vancouver because I was on the run, they slandered and defamed me via online forums.



 We had always wanted to live in Texas, and actually did for a short time once many years ago, so the decision was not just a whim, but something we both look forward to.

Some crooked people such as Edward W Hooper JR. would have you believe we brought clients cars with us, this could not be farther from the truth, but we would not expect anything less from this deceptive man.


Why we leased in Pilot Point before buying our home? 

Because we owned a small business, the only way to purchase a mortgage loan was first establish our business for two years in the state of Texas, this needed to be done to show we could succeed here with a mechanic shop, and let me tell you this; since the day we have arrived 100's of clients made this possible and none of them had a complaint! They were awesome and very satisfied!

So we leased a property in Pilot Point TX for the first two years we needed to buy our own place and NO it was not on a dirt road as lied about on Topix! Those who wrote on this Topix forum, know nothing about us, have never spoke to us, or been at our shops.


After spending two years in Pilot point leasing my shops, we were finally established to buy our home and praise God we did and we love it!!!!

We gave our Landlord 6 weeks! Advanced noticed (Two more then required!) and left on awesome terms, as always protecting our investments and family, we fully documented our departure from Pilot Point with pictures and videos! Both for memories and legal protection.

Because the owner was so kind and helped in our endeavor to move to Texas, I gave him the deposit as a gift for the friendship he had shown us.


We announced this move to the world, both on our website including our Facebook page, we were so very excited, there was no way to not share it! DUH! LOL It is still exciting? All our clients were fully aware of this move and we kept them updated throughout the process.

Because we bought a property without a shop, I had one built and documented that process for all the world to enjoy with me! Via our Facebook anyone can search back to find the move online?

Edward W Hooper JR. Along with complete strangers via Twitter, the CF, Topix Forum etc... we see more deceit by these crooked people. These people have written that I moved without telling anyone? They say I moved present client cars to our new location 30miles away without telling my clients, These people are Liars and it is proven by our archives anyone can look up.


Not to worry!

 We are at home and enjoy every minute, soaking it up with my family, "Living" I thank God everyday for what he has done and continuing to do!

I have also acquired my second property in west Texas where I have always wanted to own!

However, my Ranch is not open to the public! LOL And that location is totally private. And is one of the most beautiful places on earth!


God has been good and the blessings he has given to me I will continue to pay forward, whether to my clients or things such as donating my riding lawn mower to charity!

Today we are finally home, it has been a long and difficult trip, we have settled down for the last time and will give God the glory for it.


As you can see and read about us? We are not just another mechanic shop, but a family business that has been tried and retried.

To Date; my life and my personal devastating experiences have never been a secret, I have been blessed by seeing others change their lives hearing my story? I would never want to relive what has happened, but I do thank God for the good that came from it.

We live by our honesty and enjoy sharing our success with anyone deserving of it.



May God bless you all

Sincerely; Tim Carroll




Call: 469-343-2593

Hello, I'm the owner. I'd like to take a moment to allow you to get to know us. We are common, everyday Cadillac owners; people just like you! We have a mission: to give all Cadillac owners an opportunity to take care of their Cadillacs without being "Ripped Off!" Yes. I said ripped! First let me share some background. My brother and I grew up working on our own vehicles. This was our favorite past time. The love for mechanics goes back as far as I can remember when I would watch our Grandad as he tore right into anything needing repair. We knew right away we wanted to be just like him and become master mechanics. We believe in honesty and would like to share our knowledge to help others help themselves, and when that is not possible, then we offer our services at an honest and affordable price.This may be the most unusual web site that you have ever read when it comes to the ability to take care of your Cadillac. It is my hope that those who do find help through our services will remember to pass it along so that all of us who own Caddys can deal with repairs at a reasonable cost and carry on the legacy our parents and grandparents who unknowingly gave their lives to create, no thanks to the management at GM.
I dedicate this page to the men and women who unknowingly
sacrificed their lives to the General Motors
R.I.P. Grandpa!
"Founders and Members" of Cadillac Clubs Northwest, CCN
We exist for the countless men and women
who innocently gave their lives to build our great
American automobile,
still dying today in the 30 count per day.
They die to the disease caused by the willful and careless act of the use of Asbestos 
in the GM factories, all in the name of
Click this link for more information related to GM's blatant disregard of American lives.

Who are we? And what are we all about?
I get a lot of questions regarding my company and the association between
Carroll Cadillac and the infamous General Motors.
Let me be real clear about this, Carroll Cadillac is in no way affiliated with General Motors,
and we have no desire to have such a connection.
Below you will discover the difference between our two companies and why we
go to great lengths to separate ourselves from greedy and careless
The Solution
We pick up the broken pieces. We honor those who actually built the cars--our parents-- with reasonable repair costs, re-engineering poorly designed engines, standing behind our product with unmatched warranties, and saving cars the dealership sends to the salvage yard in the name of their company, etc.
Our company is owned by the children of those who unknowingly gave their lives to the automotive industry.
We continue to work in the field of GM manufactured automobiles to honor our parents who lost their lives and were the actual hands-on creators of these fine autos. Make no mistake, we do not approve of what Gm has done.
Keywords: Asbestos, General Motors, GMC, GM lawsuits, The first amendment,
Mesothelioma, Cancer.
The Problem:
Mesothelioma, cancer, death, overpriced automobiles,
unGodly repair cost, disregard for the owner, refusing to stand behind their product, designed- to-fail engines, etc.
General Motors, one of several large money conglomerate corporations who knowingly put  our parents in harms way to feather their pocket.  
So many innocent lives cut short for GM to score a few extra bucks. They had blatant disregard for my grandfathers life!
I stood next to my grandfathers bedside and watched him take his last dying painful suffering breath.
Above is a link to the Asbestos page please take time to read its content, it will astonish you!