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'Carroll Custom Cadillac'

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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Watch your repair page, scroll the menu for each job!

Hi everyone!

We are reactivating our

"Watch Your Repair"

we have recently shut down our Facebook page and we have decided to go back to our much more personal one on one approach with our clients.

This page is designed to allow you to watch your repair, it is a place you can show your friends and or give us your input thru email.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we do bringing it to you.


Yes, there is such a thing as a NEW Felpro oil pan seal replacement! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Take note to the height of the seal from the surface of the pan. The original factory seal was a flat surfaced seal barely above the pan surface, so the time to collapse was extremely fast. Seepage is commonly seen as a trickle as soon as 50k.
The Felpro tight fit seal is a far more advanced, engineered seal and will far outlast the original GM seal.

Do not let Cadillac tell you there is no such seal. This seal is, and always has been, readily available by Felpro, and of course, other companies make them as well, but I only use the best! So I pick Felpro, a reliable company for top quality products.
To answer some questions coming in, yes we do archive all our jobs. So if there is a job archived that you wish to see, just send us a message via the Contact Us page and we will be happy to post it for you.
I am happy to announce we will be using only C.C.C studs on all head gasket and complete rebuilds here at C.C.C. Although this requires a slight increase in price, we are comfortable in saying we will still be offering this at the most reasonable price ANYWHERE. Peace of mind is worth every penny.

New jobs being posted so don't miss out!
We have created this page for our customers to watch the progress of their Cadillac while under the repair.
Edited By John C.
Just scroll down to see whats being built.
To discuss your car with your mechanic, simply send a message by using this page, and he will return your answer within 24hrs or less.
This website is reviewed and updated daily.
If you have an urgent message, it will be answered within 4hrs or less.

There is something you should know: my Cadillac's have all been restored to their original beauty, and of course the engines all go back to zero. If any one of you want one of my Cadillac's, you need to know a couple things:

1. You need to know me.

2. You must have the love for Cadillacs as I do.

3. Promise to take care of it.

4. If your not, you should become a club member.

5. Know we will be your Cadillac's doctor for the entire time you own your Cadillac, which can't be bad considering that as a member, the benefits pay for themselves. And yes, it will save you alot of money!!!!!!

So if any one of you want a Cadillac through us, just ask and we can set you up with more then just a car.


Tim Carroll

Cadillac Lasalle Club Members


Express Written Warranty

This warranty applies to Carroll Custom Cadillac, Carroll custom Cadillac LLC, and Carroll Cadillac LLC.

This warranty covers issues arising after repairs performed by Carroll Cadillac LLC also known as C.C.

All mechanical and diagnostic evaluations are to be performed by C.C. unless otherwise authorized by C.C.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the void of any and all warranty provided by C.C.

Carroll Cadillac, also known as C.C., provides free diagnostics related to repairs performed by us. In the event that an issue is related to the repairs performed by C.C., it is the responsibility of C.C. to diagnose and repair as necessary.

It is the responsibility of the client, both local and long distance, to return the engine—and/or complete automobile—to our facility. The cost of shipping is not a part of this warranty agreement. 

We will not be responsible for any company, other than C.C., that you have diagnose or repair any issue related to repairs completed by C.C. Taking your vehicle to another company to address any issues arising from work performed by C.C. will void all of this warranty. We simply cannot afford to repair damage caused by the unprofessional.

If you follow our simple rules of warranty, we will stand behind our work with pride!!


Complete rebuild—3 years unlimited mileage on all craftsmanship. Internal parts will be warranted as per their manufacturers guarantee. There is no warranty on any factory castings and or original parts that have not been replaced by C.C.

All Head Studs used in our repairs have a lifetime warranty against failure. In the case of a Head Stud failure, it is the responsibility of the owner to return the Head Stud to the C.C. facility for evaluation of failure.

It is at the sole discretion of C.C. to determine the cause of any and all failures related to any repairs performed by C.C. If a failure is determined to have been caused by a repair performed by C.C., then it will be scheduled for repair at the discretion of C.C. and at an appropriate time that will allow for the repair to be made without interference to prescheduled jobs.

Let it also be known and understood that due to the dishonesty of those who have taken advantage of our goodwill, it is hereby written that at the sole discretion of Carroll Cadillac,our complete warranty can and will be withdrawn at anytime deemed necessary!

No warranty is valid until signed by C.C. and the owner of the engine and/or automobile acknowledging its contents!

Sincerely, the C.C. Team