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Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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Hey guys,

Here is a page to help you all when it comes to choosing a mechanic. Below I will give examples of two types of mechanics: the right one, and the one who is only after your pocket book. I will share with you my own experience with mechanics, and also share with you my insight from the years of being the mechanic.

First I want to tell you some stories of my own. Have you ever had new tires put on, and the "tire salesman" comes into the waiting room to tell you your brakes are worn and to offer you replacements? What do you say now? This guy appears to be honest and sincere so he must be serious, right?

Wrong! This guy is paid to sale you whatever he can, and he is good at what he does.

Some of us can see this coming, but what about your poor little grandma, who is going to help her?
Kind of makes you angry just to think about it. This was a simple example but what about something major? What then?

Here is a story of a major problem. Lets use one of the Cadillac head gasket stories. So here  is a guy ( I wont use his real name for reasons you can understand) who was caught unexpectedly with blown head gaskets and he had no idea what was causing his beautiful Cadillac to suddenly start overheating.
This guy was old school and this was his first Caddy--his new found pride! He made a few calls around town to see if someone would have  some insight into his problem, and reluctantly, a few mechanics spoke to him. Out of the few he spoke to, a couple said they would not touch a Northstar motor because they were a money pit! A little sarcastically, if I might add.

Well here is a sign that these are the wrong mechanics. So he hangs up and carries on to the next.
Sounds as if they have tried and failed in the past doesn't it?
Then a couple more he spoke to told him he needed to take it to the dealer. The dealer? OK, what is wrong with this picture? A car dealer? A car-dealer!!!!!! What is your perspective on car dealers? Who do you think is trying to sale you on a car at any cost? Is this really the same people you want working on your car?

Well, Mr Doe thought he had no other choice, so he took his pride and joy to see the dealer--poor Mr, Doe. First they told him about the collapsing radiator core, then, after charging him to replace it in the eccess of 500.00, he returned to have his heater core switched out. This was harder to get to, so he paid out 678.00.
This did not fix the problem. Now  what?

The third trip was the worst. They told him it was the head gaskets, and when he asked why they had not told him that in the first place, t
hey told him that they thought the problem would have been resolved with the heater core. Can you picture the look on his face when they told him the cost to repair them? 4999.00.

Yes some dealers are 4500.00 and others 5000.00

I don't know about them, but I like to sleep at night. We had just recently advertised to the public, and in this case, it was just in time.
He stumbled on us through his search engine and called me direct. He was amazed at the price I gave him of 1950.00 He asked: "plus the price of parts?" I replied, no, they are included. He could not believe it! I walked him through the truths of the right mechanic and the actual cost of repair. He told me that the dealership was a thief! I laughed with him and told him how I have heard that before. Well to sum this story up, he is now a club member and a new found friend.
The simple truth to this mechanic question is: The right mechanic is one who tries to keep you from having to have work done if at all possible.