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Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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Steve's DTS


 This particular build is a special dream coming true for a friend who is currently in Shanghai China. Steve contacted us after researching for his dream car! This is one of the reasons we have so much fun here at Carroll Cadillac, building awesome cars is something that I cannot explain in writing; you just have to live it to understand.


You may ask yourself what kind of guy would want to buy a Cadillac Street sleeper?

Steve is not an ordinary guy, and much like myself seems to be only interested in the extreme!

He is actually an American citizen who is residing in China for the last 6plus years because of his extreme job! Steve is actually a quality control engineer who works for one of the worlds largest construction companies, and he is currently working on the worlds largest observation wheel being built in Las Vegas NV, here is a couple photos giving you an idea of who owns this soon to be awesome Cadillac Hot Rod!





                      Okay now that you are aware of who Steve is, I hope you enjoy the journey through his Cadillac build.

We will start with a before photo and take you all through it as it happens!

Thanks for being a part of C.C.. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do?





As of Monday of this week we have started Steve's Caddy, taking out the engine and tearing it down, so I am going to add some photos for Steve to watch from his far away home in CHINA!!!!

Sorry Steve for the delay here.







Okay, so as you can see? We are simply at tear down stage and ready to clean up the block halves. As usual this car shows its signs of age however, we are taking it back in time to like new condition but better! Pay close attention to this build as it is soon to be a STREET ROD!


I know some of you are asking: is that "Frank Morgan", the famous Cadillac Hot Rod builder? Yes It is! I am proud to announce Frank Morgan is now here in Texas with us full time preparing to build lots of hot rods with us. We have some really cool full blown projects in the making. 

                                       Frank Morgan in one of his builds,a

         1924' Roadster. Some guys were just born to build Rods!


Starting with Steve's DTS, it is nice to know we will be working on it together.


Today is 8/23/13

We are waiting on some special engine parts today so we are turning our attention toward the engine compartment.

Little bit of a mess! But all that is about to change? Some people ask why I did not do this to their car? Ask Steve? He is the one paying for the job! LOL

Anyhow, this Car is a complete custom build along with a custom paint job that will soon knock your socks off! So it is imperative that the engine compartment is 100% free of dirt and oil. This Cadillac will soon be a street rod show car! So today we are cleaning it beyond words and we will begin the machining process for our signature studs so stay tuned!


Okay, so the cleaning process is over, and what a difference! The detailing will now begin! OMG, I love a clean work area.

In the morning we will be installing all new front end parts and will show it as it happens.


The painting process of engine parts is underway and I am doing the custom sight cover now; so far I have prepped it, sealed it and have sprayed the color coat (BLACK) ready is the canvas for my blue Northstar brush splash next!  I will show it tomorrow! I know, but it takes time to enjoy brushing it on!!!! Ha! LOL So here is a couple pictures of it being sprayed?




I know this is a tease but tomorrow the sight cover will be completed with its blue splash to die for so just hang in there because a lot is getting ready to happen very quickly!



So this is just the beginning, but this is how detailed we want it to be inside and out!



So the idea here is to make this Street Sleeper disappear in the night only to be seen when

Steve kicks on the bluish LED lighting exposing it for those who wish they owned say,



The stripping down of parts and preparing for body work!

No we have not stopped working on this beauty!

Engine build can be seen below left.


            Hang on tight fellas we are Waiting on a few parts!




Too cool!

These should blend right into the night!

Okay it's time to switch hats and go over and build this engine.



Engine build!
The engine has been torn down and cleaned, we will now start the build, today I am studding the engine and will start the rebuilding process.
Each time we drill a block it is important to examine its aluminum mix, this can be done by examining the curled chips. As you can see here the chips are large curls showing a nice cut.
Sometime the block will powder out or small crumbles, when that happens we discard the block.
Here, Steve's block is very consistent, I like it and will proceed!
Okay I have the blocked machined for Studs, time to move on to reassembling the lower end.
No room for error!
Once the block has been cleaned beyond words, it is time to install the main upper bearing halves.
I also just found out that the Hastings Rings was not included in my package and quickly called it in, hang in there I have not received them yet!
I have the rings!
I only use the top of the line, if it means wait a day? Then So be it!
So tell me, did you all really think I wasn't building anything over the weekend? LOL
So we are now back on track!
Here some photos of the hood induction system.
Next, the glass company is coming out to remove and reinstall the front windshield. We must do this first due to the risk of paint damage by the installer. Not to worry the rubber outer seal is pulled back while the car is being painted.
Were Back!
This beauty has been on hold while we were building the new body shop.
We are now on a fast track to complete this car before Steve heads back to the states!
Here are some photos of our unrestricted exhaust system:
Let me explain the system as we go, here we can see the rear components of the system.
From the cat back, we have a new high performance, high flow Cat, then we have enlarge the pipe to a 3" and eliminated the resonator, from there is a straight pipe traveling to the custom one of a kind split that only Chris knows how to do right!
then from there we travel into two beautiful custom Flowmasters,
finally into two beautiful custom Stainless tips, perfectly accenting the pockets and showing off the high performance sound from a distance!
Chris always seems to outperform the predecessor system! LOL
The two pipes are razor sharp in their connection, perfectly splitting these two pipes as if they did not even split!
Here you can see the absent resonator and a full length 3" system all they way through.
The word I think of here is Craftsmanship! This guy sure takes pride in his precision work. We only have the best in professionals!
Someone asked about this guys awesome welds, so here is a close up of what looks like melted butter.
So, this part has been completed, we wanted to make sure we conquered this first to avoid and damage to the custom paint.
So as you can see, we are going to paint very soon!
At this time this DTS will be completed in just about two weeks, be watching as we will be posting pic's and a couple videos throughout the remaining work.
I was asked if I did this to a new clients car, it would be cool, but they did not want it to take so long?
For the record, many other Caddy's have come and gone since Steve's DTS has arrived.
Steve is in China, and his timeline for coming back to the states to pick up his car, was one that allowed us to do this differently then most.
I hope this clarifies why it has been here on hold?
I will be shooting live video of the spraying, should be fun!
After countless hours of hand blocking this bad boy DTS will be ready to custom spray! I am stoked and wish I was already in the booth. If there is one thing I enjoy the most about my customs shops, is when I am laying down high dollar custom paint on a beautiful car.
Front is on hold until we install new Transaxle output seals!
Which we will be picking up with the rings we did not receive in our build package!
We now have the output shaft seals.
Alright, we can now get back to it!
Okay, at this time the engine is completed and bullet proofed!
This jewel is tight!
We will turn our attention now back to the car itself, time to finish the front end. We will also be detailing the engine compartment just before engine installation.
Hey everybody!!!
Here is some present updates?
The engine was installed a couple weeks ago and we have been involved in replacing the drivers window motor system, working on the new Cowl Induction Functioning hood scoop, and some body work.
We are preparing it for custom paint!!!
However, due to no trust with guys scratching it, we are going to get it over to the fab shop for the custom exhaust system.
We also have the windshield guy coming out to replace the windshield before we paint as well because we just can't take the risk!
The custom paint is going to be a Satin Dull Finish with all gloss black highlights.
This will be a modern street rod!
I will update you all soon as I compile photos!
Thanks for watching.
The scoop itself will be repainted to gloss black as a high light to the satin finish.
It is getting close to finishing, keep watching!
Windshield Replacement!
Here we have the windshield being replaced, I know some of you will say, why did he not paint it before he allowed a window tech to replace it?
I will explain it to you, I needed it replaced so no damage could happen to the custom paint post sprayed!
The rubber around this glass pulls back, so I can spray it as if it were not installed.
Now it makes sense!
Devon is our Glass guy! he is responsible for a perfect install into any Cadillac we service, so besides helping him place the glass on the car, no one else has his responsibility.
Removing the old seal.
New glass is almost equal to new paint! Or as Devon explained, it sure accents it! Either way, there is just something about a brand new windshield!
Next is the paint! The CAI will wait so I do not get any paint on it.
Anyhow, watch closely as this will come to an end very soon!
I will be showing this DTS before it goes home with a full portfolio.
I just want to say thanks for all the many inquiries and questions, I knew some of you were watching, but I had no idea just how many of you there were until your emails started pouring in? WOW!
Here is a shout out to Chad and all my friends at Cost Less Auto Parts in Vancouver WA.
I have been asked about my shirts? These were given to me by my friends at the parts store and they gave me plenty! LOL
So I am shouting out to you all!!!!
 Hey Steve, there you go my friend!
Time to do a final complete hand block with fine paper and get this into the booth!
It is even cooler in real life bro!
Soon you will have er?