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'Carroll Custom Cadillac'

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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Insane Engineering!

The awesome Cadillac 16


'2016 new lower pricing!

Texas law changes, no sales tax for automotive services as of 2015

There is a small card fee and the parts remained taxed.


These costs include our custom Head Studs!

For the years '1993 thru '2004 are as follows:

Complete Engine Rebuild or Engine Replacement with your usable core...............4950. (This includes removal and installation).

In the above core waiver; we explain the core must usable, do your do diligence and check your engine for Hydro Locking, rusting block? If you bring us your car for an engine rebuild and the core is not suitable for rebuild, as with all engine sales, there will be an additional 500. engine core replacement charge, no exceptions!

Failure to comply with this standard core charge will end the repair in question, there is NO refund of down payments made toward these repairs and will cover all labor cost up to this decision.

Head Gasket repair starts at............2650.

Block Reseal w/Head Gasket repair is only an extra...600. The reseal without Head Gasket repair is 2300.

 Before placing your order, please read carefully;CCC is not a production shop, we are a private custom Cadillac shop building Cadillac's from the ground up, custom building, street rods, including daily drivers, etc... our time lines for completions can and will vary accordingly, we cannot and will not promise an exact time. Due to this type of custom shop, we build all our engines to order, our estimated time to ship can vary due to our back log? Again, we are not a production shop and hand build custom engines for hundreds of people world wide and get back logged quickly. Our shipping timelines are from 2 weeks to 8 weeks and sometimes more.

Make sure you are aware of our back log before purchase. Once you have discussed this issue with one of our representatives place your order. Thank you

50% down Policy;

We ask for 50% of your repair in advance, unless arrangements are made between an authority represenative of CCC, and the client, in special considerations.

In the case of H/G repair and Block Seal, the down payment is 1625.

These funds are used to purchase any and all parts needed for the repair requested, the labor to remove the engine, and tear down and diagnostics, these funds for this part of the job is non refundable once performed.

If for any reasons by the client the job is put on on hold or stopped, after the first half of work is performed and wok is continued, all balance owed will be paid in full before the automobile will be released.

This method of payments is required for all work performed by CCC.



Our Cost Comparisons
Head Gasket failure is the most common issue with the Northstar. As the economy goes down and head gasket repair costs continues to rise, we will make changes in how we operate to compensate, thus keeping the costs low. Compared to some other shops, and most certainly the dealership, we offer a great value for your repair needs.
Please help us keep our pricing low.

Thank you, sincerely, Tim Carroll

Please read our terms below.

A/C Refilling policy:

 We are an engine rebuilding company. Although we fill A/C systems when they are low or check for leaks, we do not do major A/C work and recommend only A/C shops for complete A/C overhauls.

Any moisture in an A/C system can cause compressor failure and must be nitro blasted to ensure a trouble free A/C system. During major repairs, the A/C system is compromised with moisture due to the length of time it is exposed to the environment. Therefore, the A/C service is the responsibility of the owner. We do have, however, A/C shops in the CCN network that offers discounts to all CCN members. Please ask for information.



Due to the death of several innocent animals (Pets) caused by coolant in unexpected leaks, we have imposed a strict unwavering company policy, no coolant added until no leaks are present. These leaks can occur from worn hoses, loose clamps, or water body gaskets etc..... It is the full responsibility of the owner to do a coolant mix once surety of no leaks are present.

This specific rule can be overturned if the weather at the time or repair completion is at a dangerous low and can produce freezing, we recommend one full week.


This is an excerpt taken from GM

The life and efficient operation of the air conditioning system depends upon the chemical stability of the refrigerant system. When foreign materials, such as dirt, air, or moisture, contaminate the refrigeration system, they change the stability of the Refrigerant-134a and polyalkaline glycol (PAG)refrigerant oil. They will also affect the pressure-temperature relationship, reduce efficiency, and could cause internal corrosion and abnormal wear of moving parts.

The following general practices should be followed to ensure chemical stability in the system:

  1. Whenever it becomes necessary to disconnect a hose connection, wipe away any dirt or oil at or near the connection to eliminate the possibility of dirt entering the system. Both sides of the connection should be capped, plugged or taped as soon as possible to prevent the entrance of dirt and moisture. (Remember that all air contains moisture. Air that enters any part of the refrigeration system will carry moisture with it, and the exposed surfaces will collect the moisture quickly.)
  2. Keep tools clean and dry. This includes the Manifold Gage Set and all replacement parts
  3. When adding polyalkaline glycol (PAG) refrigerant oil, the container/transfer tube through which the oil will flow should be exceptionally clean and dry. Refrigerant oil must be as moisture-free as possible.
  4. When it is necessary to "open" an air conditioning system to the atmosphere, have everything needed ready so that as little time as possible will be required to perform the operation. Do not leave the air conditioning system open any longer than necessary.
  5. Anytime the air conditioning system has been "opened," it should be properly evacuated before recharging.


What our warranties do not cover:

1. Overheating to the degree of unrepairable damage. We install melting tabs in the

freeze plugs  and or heat strips that show an extreme over heated engine thus voiding

your warranty!

If at anytime your engine begins to overheat it is required by you to shut it down immediately and do not restart it for any reasons, then contact us for instructions or

make the arrangements necessary to bring your engine and or automobile back to our facility for inspection and or repair as per your warranty.

2. We use markings to show internal exposure if the engine has been taken apart, if

these markings show the engine has been violated in anyway, the engine warranty is



  Warranty does not cover and is void as a result of abnormal operating temperatures (this includes melted or missing heat tabs

that are adhered to the engine or cylinder head to monitor the operating temperatures). In addition the following criteria will void the warranty:

accident, racing, lack of proper lubrication, misuse, detonation/pre-ignition, broken connecting rods or pistons (or subsequent damage to block) on supercharged or turbocharged engines, improper or contaminated fuel, and

or oil, thrust bearing wear due to transmission related components or

problems, faulty/rotted freeze plugs due to lack of cooling system

maintenance and or ground straps and vehicle modifications that can

damage the engine. Detonation/pre-ignition damage includes but is not

limited to melted or broken pistons, rings, damaged cylinder head(s) and

their related parts. Causes include inoperative or malfunctioning computer

and or emissions control and ignition devices, clogged catalyst or exhaust systems, etc. Modifications include but are not limited to superchargers,

computer PROM changes, over sized tires or anything that will alter the performance of the vehicle from its O.E.M. status. Gaskets that are not

supplied or installed by us are not covered by this warranty.

At no time should coolant other then Dex Cool ever be added to your cooling system, adding non Dex Cool coolants or add to any color

coolants not specifically designed for your Northstar will void any

and all warranty offered by our company.



Warranty does not cover and is voided if leaks

from oil occur and the engine is not stopped from running until it can safely

be returned to our facility for diagnostics and or warranty repair. Starvation

of oil will result in unrepairable damage to the engines crank bearings, if in

any case the engine is leaking oil from areas such as a rear main seal is

should be shut down immediately and towed to a safe location and the

owner is required to contact our facility immediately to make arrangements

to return the automobile to the our facility unless an authorization is given

by us for another repair facility to diagnose and a further authorization is

given for the facility to do the repair requested. 

Failure to follow our strict warranty guidelines will result in void of any and all warranty provided by our company.  


Express Written Warranty


This warranty covers issues arising after repairs performed by our shops for repairs, sales of engines and or our signature Head Studs.



All mechanical and diagnostic evaluations are to be performed by us, unless otherwise authorized by us.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the void of any and all warranty provided by us.

We provide free diagnostics related to repairs performed by us. In the event that an issue is related to the repairs performed by us, it is the responsibility of our shop to diagnose and repair as necessary.

It is the responsibility of the client, both local and long distance, to return the engine—and/or complete automobile—to our facility. The cost of shipping is not a part of this warranty agreement. 

We will not be responsible for any company, other than our shop, that you have diagnose or repair any issue related to repairs completed by us. Taking your vehicle to another company to address any issues arising from work performed by us will void all of this warranty. We simply cannot afford to repair damage caused by the unprofessional.

If you follow our simple rules of warranty, we will stand behind our work with pride!!


Complete rebuild—3 years unlimited mileage on all craftsmanship. Internal parts will be warranted as per their manufacturers guarantee. There is no warranty on any factory castings and or original parts that have not been replaced by us.

All Head Studs used in our repairs have a lifetime warranty against failure. In the case of a Head Stud failure, it is the responsibility of the owner to return the Head Stud to our facility for evaluation of failure.

It is at our sole discretion to determine the cause of any and all failures related to any repairs performed by us. If a failure is determined to have been caused by a repair performed by us, then it will be scheduled for repair at our discretion and at an appropriate time that will allow for the repair to be made without interference to prescheduled jobs.

Let it also be known and understood that due to the dishonesty of those who have taken advantage of our goodwill, it is hereby written that at our sole discretion, our complete warranty can and will be withdrawn at any time deemed necessary!

We base all our clients’ warranty's upon kindness and friendship, if a when this line is crossed we reserve the right to end all communications and repairs immediately

voiding any and all warranty.

We record all emails for the burden of proof in case this issue arises.


This business is for the helping of kind decent people in need of help and if that friendship is built between CCC and the client, CCC will stand behind the client and the repair to the fullest.

This warranty is posted on our repair page for all clients to read at any time needed.

No warranty is valid until signed by our rep and the owner of the engine and/or automobile acknowledging its contents!

Sincerely, our Team



Signed by; Rep, ________________________________________________.


Purchaser, ________________________________________________________.


This acceptance copy must be returned to: Carroll Cadillac, failure to sign and return this copy to Carroll Cadillac will automatically result in void of any and all contents provided within its warranty and no warranty is provided.

This warranty and all of its contents is located on the Carroll Custom Cadillac website repair cost page for any and all clients to fully read before any scheduling and or product ordering. In no case is any misleading ad’s or verbal conversations able to occur due to this upfront warranty read. The client takes full responsibility before any schedule and or order.

Return your copy to:

Carroll Cadillac

PO Box 508

Pilot Point TX 76258