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'Carroll Custom Cadillac'

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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Disclaimer and refund policies!

Due to the few dishonest people we occasionally encounter we have a strict refund policy;

Carroll Custom Cadillac is a private entity and is in no way public or a commercial company, we rely on honesty and trust, when that trust is broken we take it very seriously. We cannot afford the wrong doing of some and take serious precautions to assure our security in such situations.

All down payments are required before starting any projects, once the down payment is excepted, agreed upon and the work has begun, there is no refund!
Any consideration of refunds is the sole discretion of CCC Carroll Custom Cadillac.

In some circumstances a refund will be given when the situation is out of our control, but all labor and materials will be paid to date when the project ends.
 However, when the owner deliberately stops the project or or does not reply to our request, it becomes the sole discretion of CCC Carroll Custom Cadillac to stop, explain, give the owner the opportunity to comply. If the owner does not comply or reply to our request all money is forfeited and the project will end.

Out of the thousands of clients world wide, we have encountered very few bad clients ranging in the single digits, and I am proud that we have served so many satisfied clients.

The goal of CCC Carroll Custom Cadillac is to bring to the Cadillac owner what he or she can get nowhere else and to date we have accomplished that goal.
The friends of our company stretch around the entire world, with thousands of satisfied clients.

Your honesty and trust is required to be a client and friend of CCC.

We reserve the rights to refuse service and or keep any and all deposits if the owner or purchaser goes against our company policies.
So please, be real and forthcoming when working with CCC Carroll Custom Cadillac and we will work with you and be here as long as you own your Cadillac.

These are our terms and conditions!

The CCC Team

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