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Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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by CCC

CCC, is the renown Northstar engine rebuilding company, but we are more then just the rebuilder, we are also the engineering techs that have created the only correct parts to permanently repair the head gasket issue, our signature head studs, an 100% America made product that can only be purchased through Carroll Enterprises of Northern Texas, these products can be found no where else on the market.


Vin"Y" or Vin"9"

Please specify, there is NO cost difference!

Your choice?

Our engines are now TAX FREE!!!!!


Our price is as follows:

'1993 thru '2004 - $3650. across the board!

Shipping cost of 350. anywhere in the lower 48

NO, we do not charge a core! We rely on your honesty returning your old motor, please place your old engine in the crate your engine came in, and contact CCC for retrieval.

Once your engine is returned, usable or not? This activates your unmatched REAL 3year unlimited mileage warranty! 

For any questions please call




Our rebuilds include:

1. A fully inspected and tested core which consist of:

  A, Meticulously dipped and cleaned,

  B, Line bore inspected, not re bored! (This is a misleading operation on the part of the pretend remanufacturers, (SUCH AS PROMAR) see the line bore misconception below))

  C, The Cylinders are fully inspected for any damage and if any bowling and or when deep scratches are present, the block is discarded! (We only use undamaged cores) (When a company explains how they oversize your cylinders; walk away, they just told you their second lie! See below information on oversizing Northstar Cylinders, is NOT ALLOWED!)


2. Either a polished undamaged crank or a turned to 10/10 we never turn twice or more then this!

3. New rod and main bearings,

4. Wrist Pins,

5. New High Quality Hasting Rings!

6. Fully cleaned inspected Pistons, any signs of damage and the pistons are replaced.

7. We mic all rods for shape! (Northstar Rods are Broken Rods and cannot be resized, damaged rods MUST be replaced ANY REMAN SHOP TELLS YOU THEY ARE RECONDITIONING YOUR RODS IS TELLING YOU A FALSE INFORMATION, WALK AWAY!)

8. Head reconditioning:

  A, Disassembled, cleaned and inspected!

  B, Polished and inspected Cams,

  C, Heads DO NOT have bearings, if the head and or cap is damaged the head is replaced!

  D, New valve seals are installed! (Northstar Valve guides are NOT replaceable, if damaged the head MUST be replaced)

  E, The Valves are Lapped for proper sealing (Unless the valves are actually damaged they DO NOT get replaced)

  F, The Timing chains and guides? (See below Timing components)


Warranty and return policies; all our engine builds carry a three year unlimited warranty as per our product warranty states, this warranty is unmatched in the engine rebuilding industry! The quality we put into our rebuilds gives us the confident to give these warranties.

Return Policies; all our engine come with 100% Satisfaction guaranteed! This means if you decide to not install your new rebuilt engine you have a 10 day period from your engines arrival date to set up a return and send your engine back for a full inspection.

Once we have received your return, inspected it to be in the same unmolested condition as it left our shops, we will determine your refund based upon restocking fees and or any incurred damages on the part of the consumer, minus any return shipping charges we will not be responsible for.

Any added time to return your rebuilt engine can be extended if an agreement has been arranged between CCC, and the consumer.





Honesty and integrity is our policy! Rebuilding an engine for our clients is what we do!

Here you "will not" find the pretend remanufactured (Painted Silver!) to pretend its new, misleading information?

Below we will explain the Northstar and the misleading information given by these misleading shops;

We will also add excerpts directly from GM's service instruction of the can do and cannot?


There are many companies offering anything they can to acquire your money for little to nothing in return, then there is those who have an old school list hoping to fool you into believing they will do the same and you'll except it because it sounds good!

We see many companies versing one another trying to explain why they are the better choice. It is both amazing and stupid on their part for their dishonesty, such as those incorrect people you will find on the CF with little to NO mechanical knowledge at all!??

Or their blind cohorts such as the infamous small company in Canada taking advantage of innocent people everyday!


So you ask what is the difference between these claims?


New Crated?


Remanufactured or the rebuilt?          


Lets see if we can give the truth for you to recognized the dishonest companies out there with only one goal, to deceive you out of your hard earned money?

Well, we all know there is extremely dishonest people such as NP, but what about those we have never heard of? Or those who seem to have good online reviews?

It is a shame to see so many dishonest people in the automotive industry, from the original manufacturer to the guy in the local mechanic shop! Yes, GM is a very dishonest company, I suppose it is because of necessity we still buy cars rather then to tell these people to shove it! I am sure you have all wanted to do that at one point or another?


Anyhow, lets get on with it; what is the difference between these crazy names given to the type of engine you would like to buy?

Crated; what is this all about? This name originated out of the simple fact the engine was put into a crate to be shipped out? Go Figure! But over time this became a name for what most would believe to be a new engine and a 100% complete ( meaning it was everything from the oil pan to the intake including all sensors etc..........

Boy has the term Crated engine been taken out of context over time? Today we see the guy claiming fame to the remanufactured engine calling his engine a Crated motor, Seriously!