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'Carroll Custom Cadillac'

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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Scroll down for our listings!



Qualified Cadillac Northstar Mechanics.

This page will list qualified mechanics with proven track records who will use Head Studs in your repair. You will also find two listings that will hopefully help you in avoiding a disaster with your beloved Cadillac.

I sincerely hope you have been able to research and fully check out this complete site to answer all of your important questions concerning your Cadillac.

 Fix in the Bottle!

As you may be aware, there are several ways people lay claim to repairing Northstar Head Gaskets. First, there is the infamous liquid miracle repair elixir-in-the-bottle, and as unbelievable as it is, Cadillac owners can sometimes get desperate enough to try this. In real life it will not work and can cost far more after the fact! The simple answer to this supposed repair is this: IT DOES NOT WORK!

Time Serts! Or Norm Serts!Secondly, there are those who swear by the insert method when, in fact, this is a limited, temporary band aid and does nothing more then give your Cadillac a few extra miles, and in the end, you will be facing the same issue all over again. So the "Sert" method is hogwash, and only the mechanic taking your money, is benefiting from it. I know this is not good news, but it is true nonetheless!


Grade #8 Bolts?


Thirdly (this is my favorite), there is someone advertising on eBay of all places--Go Figure. Yes this is the most ridiculous repair offered to date! The non-engineered method of using some off- the-wall Grade 8 Bolt found at his local hardware store. I actually spoke to this gentleman only for him to get very angry at me before I hung up the phone. Yes, I kindly tried to help this guy, but he was making too much money to change his ways. Unfortunately, poor people looking for the cheap route are unaware of this guys faulty repair. Please be careful of this bad repair!




CCC Head Studs!

Finally, we have the less well known, but correct and accurate repair method using correctly engineered Head Studs. This is the only repair that can give you peace of mind and allow your Cadillac to live out its normal life. The right mechanic who knows and offers this repair can give you an unmatched warranty.


Head Studding is a high performance engine application that has a certain design to prevent fastener loosening and or separating of the cylinder head from block. However, the depth of a Head Stud plays the most important role in preventing damage to your engine.


Our Head Studs have achieved the proper depth for the perfect repair. Our Studs have been engineered by some of the worlds most renown automotive racing engineers to date in collaboration with GM's original engineering, input from my friends and suppliers of our locking flange nuts from my home town of Ventura CA ARP, CHRFab, and the world famous Carroll Cadillac Company.


We sincerely hope this website can offer you a real solution for your Cadillac and give you a better understanding of why the correct Head Stud repair will give you the best return for your hard earned money.




Trusted shop!


Click here! For Tim's awesome website!

(503) 626-4619
13980 S.W. T.V. Hwy
Beaverton, OR 97005


Unbeknown to Tim, I have been recommending his services for several years, and every Cadillac owner I have sent to see Tim, has reported their 100% satisfaction!

So, if you live anywhere in the Northwest, Tim's Transmissions is the only place to go!!!!


There are a couple of guys out there who will use whatever method of repair you request?

So it is imperative to ask or demand only the best repair you have personally researched!



Northstar Performance Jake Wiebe, My good friend for many years is the highest qualified in stud repair outside of myself, LOL
B&B AUTOMOTIVE LLC"Qualified experts" in the field of the Northstar!
I proud to announce that our friend Jose owner of a renown mechanic shop in San Diego
Today we place Jose and his company towards the top of our ever growing professional Stud installer list.
Using the correct 100% American made products.
We have known Jose for a while and stand behind his work!
For anyone in the San Diego area, don't hesitate to call Jose when you need the job done right!
Sales:(866) 247-7004
  • Service:(888) 494-6954
  • Ft Meyers Florida
  • We welcome Samuel Clark to our team of qualified Stud Installers!



    8531 Bash S

    Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Phone: 317-796-7857



    (316) 838-8011
    2600 N. Amidon
    Wichita, KS 67204
    Request Appointment | Map It


     Midwest Cadillac