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'Carroll Custom Cadillac'

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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Julio's 1949 Cadillac Limousine


So here we have a special Cadillac being restored to its original luster.

This beautiful icon will be a deep gloss Black Glass finish!

So be sure to watch this page as we proceed!

Remember, if you ever want to ask questions, then feel free to contact us anytime at:



We have been temporarily put on hold due to


Yes, you may search and search online for any indications of GM using asbestos in things such as exhaust heat shields, and you may, in fact, never find anything related to it, but let me tell you this: GM and all other automotive manufacturers used asbestos in their autos-- and very liberally! So if you are in fact considering restoring an antique, vintage or classic car then remember this: it wasn't until the 70's before the use of asbestos was outlawed.

So be very careful in your restoration. Enjoy it by taking safety first as your top priority.


At this time we are having a Has Mat team come out to remove the asbestos exhaust heat shield in the safest way possible.


We are currently working on this awesome old Caddy! We have pulled the engine and have torn it down for restoration.

All the classic old parts have been ordered and we are waiting for them to arrive.


Meanwhile I will share some photos:


These are the new push rods, two old ones on the right were like this when we were tearing it down.






Here is the reconditioned block! Have you ever seen anything so outright gorgeous?

This is the base to this incredible 331ci build. 


Here is the block without the camera flash.




Much closer in color to our goal without the flash.








Perfect lines!


    First one in!



Looking pretty awesome if I must say so! I should have the engine wrapped up at the end of this new week, we'll see, I am doing this in between a thousand other things so bear with me?

As I said the engine which is the block is finished!







Julio, thanks for being patient for uploads, I realize you
don't Facebook and I certainly don't blame you! LOL
Well, what do you think? LOL You said Red right?
We are removing any and all remaining chrome, we will also be removing the glass and trim completely, the new paint will be behind all trim.
This 49' is a complete off frame restoration.
The above photo is the new contour of the well worked
curvature, look closely at the top.
This too had to be stripped of all existing body work, and metal
shaped by hand to flatten before the thin fill to block out.
So the idea here is to eliminate all of the existing body work,
removing any and all nasty plastic from the past!
Once the old plastic is removed, I rework the metal to a new flatness, and as I discovered, the dents were never taken out,
just filled in, UGH!
The interior is complete and waiting for the body and paint,
this pic shows the dash removed.
The Dash will be Candy as well since Julio is leaving this
decision to me! With black highlights.
So what your seeing here is the latest state of the art body filler being used as it was designed, after carefully working out the metal a very thin coat of this filler is used like build primer to
block the flatness out.