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Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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John's 99' Deville



Here is a question I get quite often? Why is the trunk open? I don't know, maybe to store some of the parts during repair, LOL

Anyhow, this is for John a fella out of AZ.

We only store some of the cleaner parts in the trunk during repair, cross top bar, sight cover, breather etc.....


We are just doing the H/G's on this one, we'll see how bad the block looks once we take it out and then John can decide on block reseal?

So here it goes, we have officially started it and should have the motor out tomorrow?



The engine is almost out, time ran out we had a very busy day! The engine will be out in the morning and torn down.

 So hang in there, all is good!










This is in fact the original engine with matching serial numbers.



Good morning all!


The engine is now out and the block leakage inspection is available for viewing. As seen in the above photos, the oil on this block is at its normal stage. This oil seepage is due to the silicone seals used by GM collapsing. This collapse of seals takes place from the moment you first get the engine warmed up from the factory and over time they shrink below the grooves surface.

 Eventually around 70k miles you have just two block half's squeezed together without seals.

Some call this the second issue? However, unlike the H/G failure engineer into the design, the seals were cheap and I can only assume this issue would not arise do to the engine replacement at the engineered calculation time line.


In any case, if you have heard of the dealerships reseal prices well over 4k there is certainly money to be made by the manufacturers design failures.


You may ask what we do to resolve this issue? As you know, Carroll Cadillac is the developers of our state of the art racing Head Studs for the Northstar, and if we solve this issue, Can you expect to remove the engine again at another 70k???

 No, you do not have to worry, we have likewise discovered a compound we use here that can triple the lifespan of the original seals.

If you are having your Cadillac repaired by us, we will show you this material and explain it.

 If you are purchasing one of our prime engines you can rest assure you will have both our signature Studs and this special seal system.


Time to tear into the engine so stay tuned for more as it happens!!!!






There it is!














This jewel is now finished, I will get some daylight photos tomorrow.

John has decided on a CAI by us, watch for it Thursday this week, we are also installing a chip!


I made some fresh tutorial videos, I used this engine, if you would like to see this block studding in action? Go to the Block studding page.