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Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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There are four ways to affordably upgrade the performance of your pride and joy


Performance Chips


Also known as Superchips, aftermarket performance chips can significantly increase power, torque, and engine response. Modern vehicles contain "chips" that tell the computer when and how to adjust certain parameters such as air-to-fuel ratio, timing, gear shift timing and so on. The chip is required to tell the computer how to respond under different circumstances. Exactly what the chip tells the computer to do is dictated by the information or data that the manufacture has placed there. A performance chip changes this data allowing for an increase in performance.


Anyone who is interested in installing a performance chip should be aware of the fact that there are rip off chips out there. We at C.C.C. use only a high quality yet affordable high perforlmance chip manufactured by Volo Performance:  VP12 Volo Performance Chip The following is the product description for the vp12 performance chip:



The VP12 is a vehicle specific, custom programmed 20MHz Microcontroller. It utilizes its high speed serial input/output to communicate directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port. Inside your ECU is a 3-dimensional table of values called a map. This table tells your fuel injectors exactly how much fuel to deliver given current air temperature, density, engine speed, throttle position, and other variables. From the factory, this map is generic and designed to provide a sluggish, no-surprises style of driving to suit a wide range of drivers. The VP12 temporarily replaces parts of this map with parts from our highly tuned performance maps, and will safely unleash your engine's full potential, without voiding the warranty.e maps, and will safely unleash your engine's full potential, without voiding thewarranty.


Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake is an aftermarket intake that replaces the factory installed intake. Our custom made intake provides less restricted air flow rate while also providing lower temperature/oxygen rich air into your engine. This helps to provide better performance, efficiency, and fuel economy--and It also looks really sharp.








Modifying your Y pipe


Here at C.C.C. we have recognized several problems with the factory exhaust Y pipe which contributes to unnecessary restriction of exhaust flow through your exhaust system.


1. As You can see from the following picture, the left-side pipe of the Y  pipe (left bank cylinders) ties into the right bank side of the Y pipe at an angle that is much too steep to allow for optimal exhaust flow. We can correct this problem by removing a section of the left bank side of the y pipe and replacing it with a welded piece of tubing that will allow for a much smoother transition into the right bank side of the y pipe. 



 2. If you look into the engine side of the right bank side of the Y pipe, then you will notice that the left bank side does not just butt into the right side--it actually protrudes into the right side. The exact amount of this protrusion will vary from caddy to caddy. Although the protrusion varies, every Y pipe we have seen, for the years that we commonly work on, has this protrusion.This restriction can be ground off. (Note: the Y pipe is a double layered materially that resists gas torch cutting)



3. In addition to the above issues, the flexible tube joint on the Y pipe was not designed for the best exhaust flow. Again, the extent of the restriction found at the flex piece on the Y pipe will vary. In the picture below you can see that the exhaust flow from the powerful NorthStar is actually routed through an inner piece of tubing located inside the flex tube, and this inner tubing measures 2" OD! Way to restrictive for a V8! We can replace this factory flex piece with an aftermarket flex coupling that offers a less restrictive exhaust flow.



Replacing your Catalytic Converter


If you are having problems with your car such as hard  starting, and loss of power, then you should rule out the possibility that your converter is bad. A cat can become partially or completely plugged up. You can increase your cars  performance by simply swapping out your factory cat with an aftermarket version that offers the advantage of a greater exhaust flow rate. At C.C.C. we use an aftermarket cat that provides for a manufacturer's estimated increased flow rate of 30% over the factory cat without compromising emissions. We hope that you have found this information helpful. Best wishes on your upgrades!