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'Carroll Custom Cadillac'

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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This Page is currently under construction, in between work so please bear with me as I complete it! 
'Cadillac Head Studs'
Tools and instructions!
To buy your set simply call 940-395-9839
Or email us at 

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$330. per set, $15. shipping

Hello, and welcome to our "Cadillac Head Stud Instruction Page!" It is our hope this page will simplify the operation Head Studding your Northstar and save money on any unnecessary equipment and or extra tools?

Alright my friends here we go! Hang on and for God sake pay attention? LOL
The Necessary tools required for installation is as follows:

1- 1/2" 135 Degree Quality Drill Bit,
1 - 17/32" 118 Degree Quality Drill Bit,
1 - 5/8-11 Taper Tap,
1 - 5/8-11 Spiral Plug Tap,

The Bottom Bits we speak of in the below description is based upon the bits we use at CCC, we grind the tips to make them flat bottom stop bits.
Thus, lowering the tool cost! Some flat bottom bits can cost up to 100. our method uses high quality HSS Bits under 20.

Although these tools can be found in your local tool stores???
We have teamed up with our personal tool supplier MCK TOOLS who has supplied CCC and our clients for many years with "High Quality American Made Tools" They do this for anyone who needs them, cutting out the middle man!

MCK is aware of the tools you need and will supply the list above, or just what you need?
As always CCC, is lowering your repair cost.

Installation Instructions and Torque Specs:

Thread Locker? We recommend Blue Thread Locker Only!
The Videos adjacent to this are for your convenience, please enjoy them.

Drilling process:

1.Using your 1/2" bit with the tip filed down (First pass to drill out existing threads)
Blow out all chips!
2.Using your 17/32" bit with the tip filed down (Second pass to complete the drilling)
Blow out all chips!
3. Using your 5/8-11 Taper Tap to align threads complete all 20 holes, do not go in all the way, when the tap begins to slow, stop!
Blow out all chips!
4. using your Plug tap, complete the tapping process.
Blow out all chips!
5. Thoroughly clean out all holes (we recommend break cleaner)
6. Install your premium Head Studs to specs below.

Installation depths:

Note: all our Studs are 6-3/4" in length.

'93 thru '99 
All studs are at equal height from the deck and should be set at 4" above the deck surface.

2000 and newer;
Upper bank should be 4-1/4" above the deck surface, Lower banks studs should be set at 3-3/4" above the deck surface.

 For easy install please remember to view our videos below.

Torque Specs:
(When installing your studs, we recommend using Vise Grips, (DO NOT USE THE TWO NUT METHOD!)

Never toque a Head Stud into the block, stop at the exact required depth!

The torque patterned is as outlined in your GM manual, follow these guidelines for pattern use ONLY!

Our torque specs are as follows:

First pass, 30lbs
Second pass, 60lbs
Third pass, 70lbs
Final pass, 74lbs

The engineering design of multiple torque passes is based upon freeing friction, eliminating future re torque.

When placing your order with MCK Tools, be to to explain your calling for the tool set below for the Carroll Custom Cadillac Head Stud Installation set.

1- High Quality 1/2" Drill Bit
1- High Quality 17/32" Drill Bit
1- 5/8-11 Three Point Spiral Plug Tap
1- 5/8-11 Taper Tap 

Tool usage steps: