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Friends from around the Globe!
Hi everyone,
I wanted to share some of my friend's Cars and stories from around the world. We hope you enjoy this page! I get lots of questions about cars from far away places. We thought showing them to you would solve some of the mysteries. All that and they are just cool!
Meet Glenn O'Donnell, my friend in
Queensland Australia.

Here is Glenn's

collection of right-hand drive cars, starting with his STS!





We'll see if we can get some more shots of this beauty!

Glenn sent some more pictures of his GM cars. Check out these photos!



  Even Glenn's Chevy Truck is right hand drive.
Cool stuff Glenn! Thanks for sharing your pictures.
Here is to a long friendship.




Stefan Wachmann from Germany!

Let me introduce you to another friend of Carroll Cadillac, this is Stefan from Germany.

Stefan has the love for the American Cadillac as so many do! He is installing our Signature Studs in his personal Cadillac for the peace of mind knowing he has the ultimate repair!


A word from Stefan:

So I send you one Picture which shows my Cadillac in the Netherlands, Raceway Zandvoort,
Northsea and three Pictures from my first US Car : 1988 Camaro IROC-Z black/black
leather. I enjoy driving him since 1988 and he still runs great!! On the first Picture you can see me with my daughters Shania and Jeanny.


 Here is Stefan with his two little girls next to his Caddy.





1988 Camaro IROC-Z

When you think Germany, do you think Camaro?

I like Stefan's analogy on his Camaro?

It is a guy!

Thanks for sharing your photos Stefan. I am sure we will be friends for many years to come!



Fred Blomberg, From Norway!

This is a good friend of mine in the wild country of NORWAY. Fred is the owner of a beautiful 1996' Cadillac Deville. Fred has told me some stories about his country and the extreme price to pay if you want an American Automobile? Listening to Fred brings a new light to our freedom in the USA.


So here is the old man! Yes 1/2 century and 4years! Happy BIRTHDAY Fred!

LOL I thought it was funny to hear Fred tell me how very old he was because the way he said it, now I feel old! "NOT." We are very young Fred! Guns! Fred you and your family would fit right in here in Texas! LOL, Looks a little conservative?




Fred's lovely family; so he is not all alone over there in Norway after all! LOL Not that we thought that?


Now here is Fred's awesome 96' Cadillac Deville,







Talk about Garaging your car?

You sure this is not an actual family member?



Super clean! What is on the seats? Snow leopard!?? (FAKE SKINS)

Fred will be shipping this Beauty to me for that permanent Head Studding preventive maintenance, I will be bringing it live to the web as it happens.


Thank you Fred for sharing your family and your Cadillac with all our friends around the globe!