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Cadillac Forums?

Misleading information.


Hello, and welcome back to CCC, a place where we try and answer all your questions.

On this page we will discuss's, Cadillac Forum, and its misleading information. What to believe and when to believe it?

The number one question we hear is: What happened to the CF? Why can't I trust anything those people say? Then followed by: It certainly is not what it used to be?

So I would like to start by telling you about the latest one-sided thread completely defaming my character via Here is a link to this criminal thread:

On this thread my company and my person have been criminally slandered in unspeakable ways. I want to paste it here for you to see the last post I read this morning by Jim Wimsat; this is the Moderator who has been an accessory to this criminal behavior.

[Submariner409's Avatar

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Feb 2006
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Re: Senseless site and member trashing by non-members
That ^^^

"We delete - or lock - threads and get chastised.
We edit or delete posts for content or language and get chastised.
We let two combatants fight it out in a (relatively) clean ring, we get chastised
We act on a legitimate vendor complaint, we get chastised.
We do nothing, we get chastised.

Admittedly, this particular slappy-face catfight is a bit one sided because the main complainer, a CF member and former Vendor, chose to attack other members by using the Site PM system (which use is forbidden by the Rules he signed) and got himself permabanned in the process. He then began a smear campaign against CF, the parent company, the Moderators and several CF members by posting a factually inaccurate YouTube rant and an obviously inaccurate series of Facebook and personal website posts. Much of that inaccuracy is coming back to haunt him as I type. In the past, he and I have had telephone conversations and friendly PM exchanges - about cars and engines. He has now stabbed me in the back.

The complainer in the other corner, a CF Vendor, is a nice guy - I'm acquainted with and have done business with him - but he does not (or will not) understand that he would be FAR better off in this senseless contest to simply keep his mouth shut, crank out studs and engines, and let the first complainer continue to publicly shoot himself in the foot.

Protracted flame fights serve only to sour the GPOP on the antagonists - right or wrong - and nobody wins. It would be far better to let this thread die and slide into history. Just sayin'.

EDIT: If you put it in context, this entire mess has been seen by maybe two or three dozen people in the world. Whoop-de-doo !" ]

Tim's reply;
In this post Jim makes it sound as if I have done something so very wrong, that his friends and himself actually have the right to utterly destroy my personal character? Are you kidding me?

As I have explained, I stopped using the CF over a year ago due to bashings and out right criminal behavior on the part of NP (Jake Wiebe) and the Moderators for allowing it. The CF began a down hill spiral, a place where myself and other real tech's stop going, thus allowing people like Jake Wiebe to run rampant.

So in the above posting by Jim Wimsat, he explains that I violently in some way sent a PM to a member, due to being unable to defend myself against this lie spoken by Jim Wimsat. Some might wrongfully assume I must of done something extremely wrong.

So with my own social media I will explain his slander in more detail. You see, there are many decent people out there who see this criminal behavior happening and unable to understand why I am being so utterly slandered by these rotten people; I receive emails, phone calls or visits and they share with me what is happening on the CF.

So going there to just read and screen shoot them for legal reasons, I happen to see one Jamie McFarlane, and One Joe Tahoe, these two men who I have never met joined in with MR. Jake Wiebe in an all out criminal slander against me. So after over a year of not posting, I PM'd them both and explained that they should visit my website, call me, or visit me before slandering me in the public forum!

OMG! Are you kidding me? This is my ultimate crime? This is what this Jim Wimsat  thinks gives him the right to allow MR. Jake Wiebe to commit criminal acts against my personal character via the public CF.

He talks about being friends with me at one time? The only time he every talked friendly to me was when he would call me to tell me how I should act?

Are you kidding me Jim? You are solely responsible for allowing MR. Wiebe and his minions to attack me with no recourse. 
This time I am standing up, and you bet I am no longer going to sit by and allow it. It is already being handled via the CF.

As far as MR. Jake Wiebe goes, he will be his own demise; the truth has been exposed! He and I will end this slander against me if it takes prosecuting him in a criminal court.