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'Carroll Custom Cadillac'

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair, Northstar Specialist!

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 Cadillac Clubs Northwest  CCN/CCC

A word from the founder:


Tim Carroll here, I am the owner of C. C. C. and president of Cadillac Clubs Northwest. I would like to share my dream of making the Cadillac affordable to those who thought they were just out of reach and give you all the chance to be part of a Caddy enthusiast club.

Our vision for the enthusiast is to be able to share their personal Cadillac with everyone. So we are in to all makes and models. The more the better!

Our club caters to all Cadillac clubs around the globe, joining efforts to reach all Cadillac enthusiast. So although we are located in the Northwest, we are world wide. When I started this endeavor I had no idea of how much it would grow but knew the sky was the limit. Today it is big but still down to earth. We are fun loving Caddy enthusiast who enjoy our rides and get togethers. It is my goal to make owning the Cadillac an affordable dream for everyone who shares the love of the Cadillac. For those who are lucky enough to find us, we welcome you. For those of you who have not yet found us, we are waiting. I hope you enjoy our website, and I look forward to your calls and emails, or--just come and meet us!



Tim Carroll


Spring "fun in the sun" is coming, now is the time for member input!
Plans are in the making. Please feel free to give input on locations, activities, dates and times.
All input will be considered in our votes.
1. Input, beach gathering at the Oregon coast!!!
A, Cannon Beach.
B, Lincoln City.
Cadillac Lasalle Club Affiliates
Cadillac Clubs Northwest
This page under construction and will soon be full blown!
Watch for it as we transfer from existing site.
Welcome to Cadillac Clubs Northwest!
I know, all of you have been waiting to see and join this awesome Cadillac Enthusiast Club. This club is owned buy its members. Your Caddy will be recognized by being posted for everyone to see. This also includes extra benefits to those who participate! Well no more waiting! Here we go starting today 9/3/2010 all new members will have a variety of benefits--and a barrel full of fun!
Benefits will include:
1. Full access to news and information not available to the general public.
2. A subscription to our monthly email news letter.
3. Free online mechanic service!!!!! Not available any where without $$.
4. Invites to our Cadillac get togethers to show off your Caddy and enjoy music, BBQ's,
trips, car shows, fishing trips, and all out fun!
5. "Major" discounts on personal mechanic services, and all customizing options for your sweet Cadillac.
And much, much more!
Fresh news!!!!!!!
I would like to welcome all those who have applied for membership. We were surprised at the overwhelming response.
The qualifications for membership is quite easy: you must be a Cadillac enthusiast and have a love for Caddys. Having a Cadillac, any make any model, is definitely a plus, but just enthusiasm for the Cadillac is all that is required.
Membership is growing and now at the riviting number of (2,024 new members)
We are archiving a members page which should be viewable soon.
Carr Cadillac. Vancouver, WA
Napa auto parts, Orchards of Vancouver, WA

O'Reilly auto parts, Northwest

Cost Less auto parts of Vancouver, WA

Words from the Cadillac enthusiast
and future members showing the number one

requirement: a love for the Cadillac.


From: Paul Johnson
I've been a Cadillac owner for years and love 'em. The first one I purchased was a '56 coupe when I was 19. I was crazy for ever selling it! Since then I've had Cads off and on until I bought my '85 sedan. My kids thought I was nuts for ever buying a 4.1, but I was told how to take care of them and have had several with no problems including an '87 Fleetwood with 200,000 miles, never being opened. Currently I have an '02 Seville...and the story continues....

From: PJ Smith Jr

Hi there!

Im a caddy enthusiast in Vancouver Wa. Saw a CL posting of a car you had for sale and stumbled on to your website. Great website! I have owned a 1990 Coupe Deville (wish I never sold it) and currently I own a 1990 Sedan Deville and a 1973 Eldorado convertible, my most recent purchase. I am looking forward to meeting you folks and having you as a great reference and resource in maintaining my Deville and Eldo.
Proud to welcome PJ to our club!

From: Marty Mazurik

Hi Tim,
awesome site, informative and I can tell you have a passion for Cadillacs!
Me too!
I've owned two '99 Deville's (Pearl White), first one I had the gasket go, and sold, second one, I don't know why I gave away in a weak moment to Breast Cancer Society (don't ever donate a car!)
So its been a couple years, and nothing I ride in compares to my '99 Deville(s) ... so I've been looking,
I like the '97 you've redone, but I'de like a '99 and I want it to last (ie; have the engine gaskets done right!)

Colors I've been entertaining (of course the Pearl White is beautiful), but Tan/Gold would look good tinted, oh, and I'm going to be driving it in Phoenix ... so the heat is hot down there :)
But I thought the desert color (gold) D'Elegence would be neat, I like the light leather interior (cream/tan), too.

Anyway, thought to touch base to let you know I'm in the hunt, and if I find one will also want to discuss the 100K + miles gasket replace and getting it done by you.

Marty Mazurik
Happy Valley/Clackamas OR

From: Joe Papagoda

Got my first Caddy 2 yrs ago - a '98 Eldorado Base Model w/50,000 on it - when it hit 65,000 the head bolts pulled - had Time-Sert installed, but 5,000 mi later three bolts pulled (i dont blame Time-Sert,there are not many mechanics here in CT who will even look at a Northstar)...I did find someone who studded the block, he let me veiw the entire process. He was real meticulous and it seems to run strong. I have close to 80,000 on it now. The automobile is in mint condition, everything works like it just came off the showroom...i enjoy your website, keep up the good work...hope to come out your way sometime soon...

thanks, Joe

Members Section:

Recognized members:

Vincent Magallon

Tri-Cities WA

(1997 Eldorado ETC)

John C Jonny C

Gresham, Or Vancouver, W

Scot K Steve J

Beaverton, Or Seattle, Wa

Dan T Rick W

Olympia, Wa Portland, Or

Doug K David M

Salem, Or '01 DTS Uma, Az

Chris ? Imile A

Battle Ground, Wa Portland, Or

Kriss W

Salem, Or '89 Biarritz

Joan S Curt, Torland

Tigard, Or Damascus, Or '95 Eldo Coupe

Justin C David R

Portland, Or Vancouver, Wa

Steve W Rae

Bend, Or Gresham, Or

Carlos C Diego C

Vancouver, Wa Vancouver, Wa

Skip Brooks

Portland Or Portland, Or

PJ Smith

Vancouver, WA